Branding & Brand Development

Luminate Advertising manages the marketing needs of organizations of all sizes. Small, medium and large businesses use our services to develop, manage and supplement their branding efforts.

A well-developed and clearly positioned brand can help shape the perceptions of your customers. A powerful brand will have your customers thinking of you as a leading, world-class service provider or product manufacturer. Customers are even willing to pay more for products from brands that they know and trust.

There are a couple of things that we must all agree upon to be successful in building an employment brand:

1. The definition of a brand is "Evidence of distinction." Without distinction, a brand would be generic, or worse, a commodity.


2.There is a huge difference between branding and brand development. Brand development being the discovery of our brands' evidence of distinction and the development of a way to communicate it. Branding is the tactical application of that distinction in all marketing materials both externally and internally.

Because of our experience with employment branding, we are able to engage in a nationally recognized employment brand discovery process called "Turning The Telescope." This process distills literally hundreds of facts to 5 absolute unique selling points about employment at a specific organization.

Once we establish a brand position, support it with smart creative, we also work to sustain its success. We believe that along with all brand strategies, there must be a corporate strategy. This strategy should always be "Momentum."

You get our undivided attention by participating in "Momentum" meetings with our brand resource director and brand manager to ensure regular monitoring of goal achievement, measurement of initiative effectiveness and to plan adjustments in your communications strategy.



Our creative approach follows our brand strategy. Always.