Promotional Products

Promotional items are retail merchandise products that are used in marketing. In most cases, these items are customized with a company's logo, name, and contact information. Most companies choose to give away these products for free in order to encourage customers to take these items home. We are your one-stop-shop for all your promotional business products and business promotional items needs.

The first promotional products date back to 1789, when commemorative buttons were used during a George Washington election campaign. By the 1800s, calendars and other simple promotional products were often used to promote businesses. Today, promotion using retail products is big business, and there are many things that current promotional items can do for your business:

  • Build brand recognition. When your customers and potential customers see your logo and business name on promotional business items like hats, shirts, pens and other products, they become familiar with your brand name. Even customers who don't consciously remember the brand logo and name may feel more comfortable with your brand identity when they are ready to buy. Promotional items generate the kind of brand awareness that is vital for any business to thrive.
  • Create new customers. Promotional products, because they are free to customers, are sometimes passed on. A customer may lend your promotional pen to someone who isn't familiar with your company, in effect passing on your marketing message to others.
  • Encourage repeat business. If your customer needs your help or your services and your name and contact information is right on the customer's refrigerator (in the form of a magnet) or on the customer's keychain, that customer is far more likely to call you rather than a competitor. Calling you is simply more convenient and your promotional item has likely reminded the customer that you are available. Promotional business products simply leave a strong impression on the psyche of your potential customers.
  • Expand your presence. Having effective promotional items can be like standing beside your customers a few times a day, offering your marketing message. You can't always be present to remind a customer of your services, but promotional items that are used and seen each day are there when you aren't.
  • Get into customer's homes. The exciting thing about promotional products is that they are used and kept. While fliers and advertisements are usually thrown away as "junk mail" customers are very likely to keep promotional items they like, and that means that your marketing message can get inside customers' homes - and stay there. Repeated usage of promotional business items goes a long way to encourage brand loyalty as well.
  • Develop brand identity. If you want to develop your image as an adventurous or sporty company, you can have buy promotional sports equipment. If you want your company to seem high-tech, you can have your company logo and contact information emblazoned on USB devices or other tech gadgets. There are many promotional products to choose from, and you can select the products that promote the image of your company you want to promote.
  • Execute your employment brand identity. If you are attending a career fair and would like to attract candidates to your booth, offer something unique and memorable as a giveaway. The employment market, especially in healthcare, is very competitive. A memorable and useful giveaway will go a long way in branding your company as an employer of choice.


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Create guerilla marketing or viral marketing campaigns. Many businesses are relying on viral and guerilla marketing campaigns, which use unusual marketing tactics and promotions to make marketing messages travel further. Promotional products can be a big part of these campaigns.