Recruitment Advertising


Luminate Advertising manages the recruitment needs of healthcare facilities, colleges / universities and theme parks of all sizes.

Our relationships with hundreds of trade journals and websites in these industries have been built over the past 20 years, you benefit from this by getting current offers and information from media the focuses on your industry. Our knowledge regarding these discipline specific newspapers, trade journals and niche website job boards provides you with the resources needed to support nurse recruiting, allied health recruiting, academia recruiting & theme park recruiting.

Employment branding is essential when you are attracting top talent to your organization. In many cases the marketing department is focused on marketing to the patient, student or consumer and does not get involved in the helping your human resources department market the company in a manner that attracts top talent to fill your open positions. Luminate Advertising becomes an extension of your human resources department and will help you develop an employment brand that delivers a constant and consistent message.

Because of our experience with employment branding, we are able to engage in a nationally recognized employment brand discovery process called "Turning The Telescope." This process distills literally hundreds of facts to 5 absolute unique selling points about employment at a specific organization.

Once we establish a brand position, support it with smart creative, we also work to sustain its success. We believe that along with all brand strategies, there must be a corporate strategy. This strategy should always be "Momentum."

You get our undivided attention by participating in "Momentum" meetings with our brand resource director and brand manager to ensure regular monitoring of goal achievement, measurement of initiative effectiveness and to plan adjustments in your communications strategy.


We become an extension of your HR department to deliver a constant and consistent employment brand.